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One Of A Kind Chocolates: My Start Up Story

Updated: Dec 11, 2019

“One Of a Kind Chocolates was started in Summer 2018 with an idea to produce an iconic train in chocolate. I was visiting Shildon museum where they had the Flying Scotsman visiting. There was an air of excitement, people were kissing the train for luck!

I looked in the museum shop hoping to purchase some chocolate souvenirs and found there were none. I thought that it would be great for Flying Scotsman lovers to be able to buy a 3D bar of high quality chocolate.

So I researched how I would go about doing this. I applied for a government loan and as a start up company approached suppliers. Ones that used high quality chocolate and that contained no palm oil in production and used a recyclable packaging. (Lessiters was suggested to me by Armin Obrecht)

The first bars of the Flying Scotsman went into York museum in February 2019 and into Shildon museum shortly after in a flow wrap (recyclable) format.

We are also delighted to feature The Mallard which joined the range late this year and is proving just as popular with train enthusiasts!

The Flying Scotsman and the Mallard bars were authenticated by an expert from The Science Museum. They are now proudly presented in boxes designed in their official styles and colours in conjunction with The Science Museum, and myself."

We hope you enjoy your purchase,

Best Wishes,

Caroline Cuthbert

One Of A Kind Chocolates

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